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September 11, 2001.

May we always remember this vicious attack on our country and our way of life!

Thank you for visiting my home page.  As you can see from the links on the left, the things I am into include cycling, politics and University of Michigan Athletics.  

Please join me in thanking our men and women in the Armed Forces for their dedication and sacrifice in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  May God bless every one of those service men and women and bring each one home safely.  Let us remember those who have paid the ultimate price.  May we honor their memory always. 

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Visit Caleb's highlight site at CalebLavey.com.  Caleb enrolled at Oklahoma State University in January 2010 and graduated in December 2014 with an MBA. 

Catch up on the  most successful college athletic program of all-time.  Football expectations were probably too high for 2017, given the Wolverines lack of experience.  After the strong start against Florida (a game I attended) it looked like we were on track for a 10 win season again until injuries hit and the season seemingly unraveled.  However, out of challenges comes opportunities, and we expect to have 18+ starters returning next year, so we are eternally hopeful.

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