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… MUCH MUCH more successful at Michigan than was RichRod:  Excellent article about how Brady Hoke is rebuilding the tradition and implementing leadership in the Michigan Football program is located here. If I wasn’t so focused on Celina H.S. and Oklahoma State football, I’d be chomping at the bit for Michigan/WMU.


Brady Hoke – Michigan Man!

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It appears that Brady Hoke took the Michigan job without knowing what his comp package would be. As a Michigan alumnus and fan, I love that kind of passion. Go Blue!!

Very Cool!! Thanks to my brother in law Jay’s father Jim for alerting me to this. Go Blue!!


Michigan Recruiting

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Has Michigan stopped recruiting Texas?  I worked in the Michigan equipment room for Jon Falk in 75-79 and I have contacted Michigan 3 times about Caleb but have rec’d no response.  He already has offers from Notre Dame, Stanford, TCU, Nebraska, etc.  The Big House Blog is reporting that LB is one of Michigan’s biggest […]


My reaction to the Utah loss

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A lot of folks are asking me if I have given up hope on Rich Rodriguez, the spread offense and Michigan in general. Oh Contraire, mon ami! To be honest, the loss to Utah was only somewhat dissapointing. Utah is a good team and has a good program (undefeated a couple of years ago – […]


What a disappointment!!

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Tonight, the BCS announced that the National Championship game woud pit #1 ranked Ohio State against #2 ranked Florida. What a colossol disappointment!! I thought the BCS was supposed to be the two best teams playing for the championship.  The fact the Florida has jumped Michigan in the polls demonstrates to me that the voters […]