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I have been an avid cyclist since 1989 or thereabouts. However, it wasn’t until 1997 that I began logging my cycling in an Access database I developed as a means of self learning Access. Over the years, the database has grown and accommodated new items (Loseit! data), but I have used it consistently to log my ride activity.

Yesterday, I hit 100,000 miles in the database. It took me 16.5 years, 5,540 hours and 5.5 million calories to log this mileage. My best(?) year was 2010, when I rode 10,355 miles in 235 rides. My lowest mileage year was 1988, when I logged only 1,667 miles in 70 rides, primarily because I was leading the SAP implementation at BancTec and we went live the weekend of July 4.

So far in 2013, I’ve ridden about 2800 miles. I should hit about 6500-7000 for the year, and should hit 200,000 sometime in 2029. Perhaps if I step it up a little, I can get to 200,000 before I get to 70. Something to aim for, isn’t it?

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