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A Man Named Tink

Written by Mike. No comments Posted in: Family

From Jenny:

A Man Named Tink

Most people do not know the name he was given at birth, “Elton Temple Lane.” He was known to most people as Tink. His children called him Daddy, his grandchildren knew him as Granddad, and his great grandchildren knew him as “Tinker Bell.” But one thing for sure, he was dearly loved by all of us.

Some of my fondest memories with Granddad were from when I was about age 2 or 3. He would pick me up from our house and I was always ready and waiting with my brown grocery bag filled with my stuff.  We would head to Turkey to go “pie-rootin” and I would stand in the seat next to him in the cab of the pickup truck. I loved those trips!

I will miss Granddad’s laugh. He had the most distinct and infectious laugh around. It did not matter whether he was at the Café or at Hubert’s or at home – His laugh would always touch you and bring a smile to your face. I will miss that laugh so much!!

Granddad loved the Lord. He loved to debate and talk about the Bible. I never wanted to debate with him because he knew so much about the Word. Granddad exemplified what unconditional love is. I always felt accepted and loved. He loved his family the way God loves His children.

I feel so blessed to have been born into his family. I feel blessed to have been touched in such a profound way by this man. I will miss Granddad in so many ways. But I do know that he may miss us but he is with his Lord and Savior right now and what could be better than that?

I love you Granddad and I will miss you,


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