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‘Nuf Said!!

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I found this on Twitter:

Gun Ownership

I’m not sure about the arabic ISIS stuff under Barack Obama’s pic, but I think he’s appropriately classified in this list.



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I have been an avid cyclist since 1989 or thereabouts. However, it wasn’t until 1997 that I began logging my cycling in an Access database I developed as a means of self learning Access. Over the years, the database has grown and accommodated new items (Loseit! data), but I have used it consistently to log my ride activity.

Yesterday, I hit 100,000 miles in the database. It took me 16.5 years, 5,540 hours and 5.5 million calories to log this mileage. My best(?) year was 2010, when I rode 10,355 miles in 235 rides. My lowest mileage year was 1988, when I logged only 1,667 miles in 70 rides, primarily because I was leading the SAP implementation at BancTec and we went live the weekend of July 4.

So far in 2013, I’ve ridden about 2800 miles. I should hit about 6500-7000 for the year, and should hit 200,000 sometime in 2029. Perhaps if I step it up a little, I can get to 200,000 before I get to 70. Something to aim for, isn’t it?


The gift comment is related to Brandon Weeden’s birthday this week. The rapier-like wit comes from his dad.




… MUCH MUCH more successful at Michigan than was RichRod:  Excellent article about how Brady Hoke is rebuilding the tradition and implementing leadership in the Michigan Football program is located here.

If I wasn’t so focused on Celina H.S. and Oklahoma State football, I’d be chomping at the bit for Michigan/WMU.

Check out the action at 1:10. BTW – Caleb is #45 at OSU.

P.S.  At 1:03, is D’Anton Lynn, a fellow Celina Bobcat, now Penn State Nittany Lion, is shown tackling a USC guy.  Who’d a thunkit?  Two guys from little 3A Celina High School, in the EA Sports NCAA Football 2012 trailer!!


Brady Hoke – Michigan Man!

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It appears that Brady Hoke took the Michigan job without knowing what his comp package would be.

As a Michigan alumnus and fan, I love that kind of passion.

Go Blue!!

Very Cool!! Thanks to my brother in law Jay’s father Jim for alerting me to this.

Go Blue!!


A Man Named Tink

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From Jenny:

A Man Named Tink

Most people do not know the name he was given at birth, “Elton Temple Lane.” He was known to most people as Tink. His children called him Daddy, his grandchildren knew him as Granddad, and his great grandchildren knew him as “Tinker Bell.” But one thing for sure, he was dearly loved by all of us.

Some of my fondest memories with Granddad were from when I was about age 2 or 3. He would pick me up from our house and I was always ready and waiting with my brown grocery bag filled with my stuff.  We would head to Turkey to go “pie-rootin” and I would stand in the seat next to him in the cab of the pickup truck. I loved those trips!

I will miss Granddad’s laugh. He had the most distinct and infectious laugh around. It did not matter whether he was at the Café or at Hubert’s or at home – His laugh would always touch you and bring a smile to your face. I will miss that laugh so much!!

Granddad loved the Lord. He loved to debate and talk about the Bible. I never wanted to debate with him because he knew so much about the Word. Granddad exemplified what unconditional love is. I always felt accepted and loved. He loved his family the way God loves His children.

I feel so blessed to have been born into his family. I feel blessed to have been touched in such a profound way by this man. I will miss Granddad in so many ways. But I do know that he may miss us but he is with his Lord and Savior right now and what could be better than that?

I love you Granddad and I will miss you,



Farewell Tink

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When I married my lovely and vivacious wife Jenny, I was a city kid (suburbs really) joining a family of farmers.  I sure had a lot to learn, and much of it I learned from Jenny’s Granddad, Elton “Tink” Lane.  He was a great old guy to hang out with – he’d take us hunting to all the best spots, he had an opinion on everything and he’d gladly share it with us, and there wasn’t anything mechanical he couldn’t fix.  I had a lot of memorable times with Tink.

Probably my most vivid memory was one morning Tink and I went out hunting for deer.  We were driving around in his old white truck looking for muleys in the pre-dawn mist when he spotted a few grazing on some wheat and pointed them out to me.  He asked me if I thought I could shoot one through his window.  That would have put the muzzle of my 30-06 about 6 inches in front of his face and ears, which I didn’t think was a good idea so I quietly climbed out of  truck and layed across the hood and bagged one of those rascals – a six point buck if I remember correctly.

Tink died today.   I’m tearing up as I think about him being gone, but as I focus instead on the great man he was and the wonderful time we spent together, the tears go away.  Tink – you are a great husband, father, granddad and great-granddad and I am proud to be part of your family.  You will be missed.